Your Visitor Lyrics By Jandek

Artist/Band Name: Jandek

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Avant-Garde

Lyrics To Your Visitor

The wine in the evening
Takes me down all the lanes
And the places I’ve been
You love me, I love you, I know
But you’re on the way to some star
So I stop and I look for the light
And the memories and the creation
Of all the days that unfold
But to (?) keep on going to the last place I’ll be
I’m where you are waiting
And I won’t take so long
So now it’s so certain
And then it’s alright
And the days go along so smoothly
And the nights fade into each other
You’ve got all the kinds of every love
And your visitor lasts so long
So listen and find me if you can
I’ll be all around your loneliness

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