Your Favorite Song Lyrics By Mega Ran

Artist/Band Name: Mega Ran

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Lyrics To Your Favorite Song

I got my game face on
Usually I don’t take this long
But I’m on a mission
To make this song your favorite song

The song you can’t turn off
There’s no escaping from
I’m on a mission
To make this song your favorite song

[Verse 1]
I could hear it in an apple commercial
The hip stock firm or home loans
Even a sick animal montage
But I been struggling with this for so long
I want something that’ll make you wanna reminisce
Repeatable with very little lyrics in it
Something that lovers can kiss in the rain to
In slow mo, with angles that’ll capture the human spirit
The soundtrack to the newest startup
The First song you play in your car or truck
The kind that’ll keep royalties comin when I’m hard up
Broke falling into hard luck
The kinda track you hear in public restrooms
The track white girls get dressed to
The kinda song that’ll make old people tell me
“I don’t listen to no other rappers, just you”

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[Verse 2]
I wanna make the 2015 “Happy,”
Be the rap game Carly Rae Jepsen
SportsCenter top 10 on ESPN
Saturday Night Live doing impressions
Make Starbucks wanna carry me
Make total strangers wanna marry me
Make Clear Channel start adding me
And make Weird Al wanna parody
I want a song that the hipsters hate
When they discuss it they always pontificate
And say it isn’t as good as it indicates
But when it come on they always participate
And all the critics just diss me and instigate
While I’m Paris just wilin’ like “this is great!”
So if you think that your movie could handle it
Do me a favor: and get at my management

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