You Were Never Lovelier (Remastered) Lyrics By Fred Astaire

Artist/Band Name: Fred Astaire

Album Name: The Very Best Of (Remastered)


Lyrics To You Were Never Lovelier (Remastered)

I was never able to recite a fable
That would make the party bright
Sitting at the table I was never able
To become the host’s delight

But now you’ve given me
My after dinner story
I’ll just describe you
As you are in all your glory

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You were never lovelier
You were never so fair
Dreams were never lovelier
Pardon me if I stare

Down the sky the moonbeams
Fly to light your face
I can only say
They chose the proper place

You were never lovelier
And to coin a new phrase
I was never luckier
In my palmiest days

Make a note
And you can quote me
Honor bright
You were never lovelier
Than you are tonight

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