You’re Not Home Yet Lyrics By Porter Wagoner

Artist/Band Name: Porter Wagoner

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Country

Lyrics To You’re Not Home Yet

You’re not home, you’re not home, you’re not home yet
I can still hear my Lord’s voice ringing
There’ll be a crowd to greet you, a choir of angels to meet you

If you’ve got two or three minutes I’d like to tell you a story
It’s a story about a preacher
But this story I wanna tell you is about a protect oral preacher
Who went over seas to fight a war

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Now this is a war forgot and not for any country
And he fought a long long time and he won a lot of souls
But finally this preacher got old and he was coming home
He just happened to be on the same ship with someone
Who we call a famous celebrity

When the boat docked there were thousands there
To meet the celebrity and they carried him off of his shoulders
But you there wasn’t no one there to meet the preacher
And he looked into the heavens and said, “God did you forget?”

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And it seemed like the heavens broke open
And He said, “No son I didn’t forget but you must remember that
You’re not home yet, you’re not home
I didn’t forget but son you’re not home yet”

Billy K. Hicks

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