You Make Me Wanna Lyrics By Kamaliya

Artist/Band Name: Kamaliya

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Lyrics To You Make Me Wanna

You Make Me Wanna

You caught my eye in a smoky room
Music’s loud, through the crowd I’m trying to get to you
The smell of wine and your perfume
Got me intoxicated
I feel your stare underneath the lights
You pull me close, no one knows where this could end
I don’t care, boy, just hold me tight
Right now

You make me wanna
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Make me wanna
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

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You make ma wanna go-go-go-go
Wish that tonight could last forever
Wish that tonight won’t let me go let me go
Wish that tonight we both surrender
Oh oh oh oh oh

We got sweat dripping from our skin
Face to face, chest to chest our bodies giving in
I swear that I have never been
This crazy, but I like it
Hands on my hips, you breath upon my lips
Wanna lose all control you know how to make me scream
You put me in the state I’m in
And right now –

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