You’ll See Lyrics By Papoose

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Lyrics To You’ll See

You could catch me at the dice game
Making them hoes ace
Chilling in Connecticut catch me at Toe’s place
I move that girl and that bad boy no mace
Had ’em fiends looking smoked out with the bone face
You ain’t a criminal you never caught no case
The only case your man never had was a showcase
Niggas try to talk to me cocky I cock the A back
I empty the clips of them hollows up in your A cap
Shawty got a hell of a body I wanna scrape that
You know I like a woman with curves just like a race track
Jeweler name the price no complains I just pay that
You know I like my jewelry rocky no A$AP
These sole rats like to stay alive
But I was raised in the burrow of Brooklyn
When we make ’em die
Damn homie you a crazy guy
In one hood you a bitch the next you play gangster why
They got your name on the papers huh
You left niggers for dead I bet you thought you got away but nah
We don’t let niggers get away with lies
So if you ever turn your back on the field you gotta face the style
Challenge me you should hate the try
Your man corny, but you even cornier like the naked eye

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Sucker free, no freedom for suckers
We lock ’em down under pressure we be keeping them under
I eliminate, innovate, illustrate, spit a grave
Take his life, give ’em grace, demonstrate, give or take
Renovate your living space then create a real estate
Then escape with the cake when I scade the interstate
Travesty, dinner dates, different skanks getting spanked
Stimulate, penetrate, stick the shank in a snake
Don’t recite renege, rhymes out the lyric bank
I don’t write rhymes, if I did I bet the pen would break
Watch what you insinuate, thuga we initiate
Differentiate the dead real from the living fake
You can’t intimidate me and your whole clique shit
Participate, articulate, y’all get erased
What you tryin’ to indicate I am what you emulate
Y’all should commemorate the rhymes I administrate
And anticipate the stand in your wake my hands
And I bet you can’t generate blam nigga plates
Regulate, elevate, levitate, renovate
Forever hate to speculate, never straight hesitate
You procrastinate and exaggerate, I fascinate
Eradicate, dick head go masturbate

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