You’ll Be My Hero Lyrics By Blue System

Artist/Band Name: Blue System

Album Name: Ten-x

Genre: Pop

Lyrics To You’ll Be My Hero

Oh baby, tonight you’ll be my hero
The hero of my dream
Come baby, we’ll start on level zero
It’s like a movie scene

Don’t cry, don’t cry your heart to me
Don’t lose your sensuality
Don’t try to fool your biggest friend
It’s nothing you can mend when a love will end

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I don’t wanna lose your heart tonight
Anything is possible, I’ll fight
I’ll give you all my energy
Anything is possible

Oh baby, tonight you’ll be my hero
We leave it all behind
Baby, this life was minus zero
You were so hard to find

Don’t hide, don’t hide oh, what you feel
It’s right, you give your heart to me
Don’t lose, don’t lose this silly game
Don’t try another friend, you’re losing at the end

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