You’ll Always Be My Baby Lyrics By Brian Blade

Artist/Band Name: Brian Blade

Album Name: Mama Rosa

Genre: Jazz

Lyrics To You’ll Always Be My Baby

it’s been a while since i saw your face
you’ve gone and left the ones
who love you most
inside, i always save a space
waiting for the day we meet again
the world will try to break you down
but mercy will remain
i’m wondering, is everything okay
could you give a call
just to let me know
the memories from circle in the square
stoner hill angels riding by
i carry you inside of me
i keep you in my prayers
if you see the second son
falling on kings highway
take his hand and let him know
that i love him so
time will pass before you eyes
and you may be all alone
but when your heart is heavy
you can come back home
don’t forget,
you’ll always be my baby
far from home,
you’ll always be my baby
when you’re grown,
still you’ll be my baby
don’t forget,
you’ll always be my baby

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