You Know You Wanna Lyrics By Eden’s Crush

Artist/Band Name: Eden’s Crush

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Pop

Lyrics To You Know You Wanna

Eden’s Crush
You Know You Wanna
(Talking) Im addicted to you*

Promise me
This night wont be the last time
Baby wrap ur arms around me
An let me hold u tight
In the middle of the evening
Ill make you feel alright

Is it ur eyes?
Is it ur kiss?
Is it the affection that i miss?
I never ever want 2 say goodbye
And oh if i knew
Everything would end soon
I’d still choose to be w/ u

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Anywhere but here
Something never meant to be
Everything you meant to me
Bitch you grown, that ain’t baby fat

If i cant do well homie it cant be done
Im gonna let the champagne bottle pop
Im gonna take it to the top for sho
Im gonna make it hot BABY

I know what i want
And thats more than you can say

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“look u made me go and hurt my dick hand!”

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