You And Moon Lyrics By Adem

Artist/Band Name: Adem

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Electronic

Lyrics To You And Moon

I wore out my telescope
And I nearly gave up hope
Of finding anything

Was an accidental thing
A reflection slipping in
To the corner of my eye

I saw you and moon
And hope flooded through me
I just needed proof

I saw you and moon
I had to get closer
For a look

Alone and
A universe away
I was drawn to make my way
To where the living are

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My eyelids
Filled with hypnogogic shapes
And my body wracked with shakes
I traveled light years
In heart beats

I saw you and moon
Dancing together against dark blue
I saw you and moon
I never felt lonely ’til I saw you

Been making
With instruments
Of science

And happy
And so self

Then I saw you and moon
And hope flooded through me
And I chased proof

But I left, I left too soon
‘Cause light is a liar
And so are you

I saw you and moon
But the image was older
Than the truth
When I arrived
I found only tombs

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‘Cause light is a liar
Telling old truths
Having had something to aim for
Has left me lost

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