Yes or No Lyrics By Jo-Jo

Artist/Band Name: Jo-Jo

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Pop

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Lyrics To Yes or No

Yes or No
Waiting for you to call don’t help the situation at all, I know that you got a girl, you say you still want me in your world, yeah, you say your gonna short her out, I think your just runnin’ ’em out, ya gotta tell me what your gonna do ’cause I can’t be waitin’ for you (*CHORUS:is it a yes is it a know you are not ready ’cause a girl like me can’t be on hold, repeat) Boy you gotta make up yuor mind, ’cause your runnin’ out of time, if you would stop playin’ games than maybe my feelin’s would change, if that’s the way you want it than that’s how it’s gonna be, ’cause I got to keep it movin’ you can’t keep confusin’ me, *CHORUS, it’s jojo in the place to be and I got what it takes to rock life right now still tryin’ to see what you got ’cause times runnin’ out to pull me on out repeat, *CHORUS repeat untill song’s over.

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time: 03:12
track #: 13

Billy K. Hicks

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