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Lyrics To Yassin Bey

This is fife six music, our homies hit the death no homie get the roaf
I don’t run in a hundred miles like G on it, it’s only a fifty line
They gonna split the wine on me at the finish line homie
When it’s finish time topie will this hitter mind blowing?
Earth place in my first with the first tape but the nerve pop this
Let’s work
His first words was’but the nerve pop this work

Does it exist see all is above of the government shit
My actions be at and be at my discovery shit
With my rappers problem
How blaze or watch and after mash and ask if possibly you can add and

Only in America you could find a way to earn and have a pocket full
And keep a attitude not you self distruct
Nine to his grill, he act arms like a act of pussy

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I’m lying I just said they lying with that’s jus cush
Some come focus on myself like a selfy
I’m feature on my ouwelf and pay a sefly
Fose is froze cuz when the ‘
Your staff is made from snake ‘
Cuz we gotta pay with paper and give a fuck about the hater
Anywhere we move in major
Yasiin bey
We won’t see more death
Yasiin bey
We just ball a problem but this problem gotta discover
Hands down, you won’t swing like a monogamas couple
All my thugs are bottle this ‘is hot as a bubble
Bitch out of this ‘.this pedal but that’s me
Unexplainable sea, the ‘the on ethat aim, the one that’s pray nothng just to play with you
Copywrite reincarnated, women P and all nigga
We just see it’s all readid
I don’t need to ball fake, rhymes got down
Of course we stay stand , all my life I check out
Paper of plastic I’ve making caskey
Put your face in the space and back, get back in the car shit
Cops are out dropping out, get teach on the high way
Bust the duggles busting out, knock it out feathers on the mic
I keep hearin the same thing from everyone
Everyone say I’m the game change in Heave son
Never done, splitting the fire to make a raven on e
Won’t stop walking til I’m retired like raven on e
I’m to ‘on the med shop is worthless
Put hands on the king and catch up on verses
Cuz we have to get the paper
And give a fuck about the hater
Yasiin bey
Anywhere we moving major
Yasiin bey
We won’t say no words man
Yasiin bey

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