Yard Sale – Underwear Song (Live) Lyrics By Rodney Carrington

Artist/Band Name: Rodney Carrington

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Lyrics To Yard Sale – Underwear Song (Live)

I went to my neighbours yard sale,
to see what I could fine.
I find me and old pair of underwear
hanging on a clothes line.
I ask an old woman in a lawn chair,
how much you want for them drawers.
She said if your willin’ to touch them,
them nasty things are yours.

They been hanging out in the backyard since 1985,
they were my husbands favourite pair when he was still alive.
They’re stiff as a board and milldewed
if you wash em’ they’ll be fine.
They god skid marks up to the wasteband,
but they aint no worse than mine!

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I hope the boys at BBD can see me wearing these
They might just find it in their hearts,
to give me a pair for free-ee-yee-yee-yee…
Ohhh they are my favourite underwear,
I wear em’ everyday.
I use tape from scotch to repair the crotch,
but I get blisters that way.

Woooooohooooooo sing you bastards!

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