Worry Lyrics By Anvil

Artist/Band Name: Anvil

Album Name: This Is Thirteen

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Worry


From the morning until the night
Anticipation, on my nails I bite
Another problem to resolve
Another problem to evolve
Everyday it’s something new
In everyway it gets to you
I tell myself it will be OK
I can’t wait another day


Sweaty palms and twitching brow
To make it stop, I don’t know how
There’s no end to feel this way
Another worry, another day
My nerves are shattered like broken glass
My mind is scattered, I just can’t last
Feeling tension, my head it aches
All my attention, for goodness sake

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All day long


Sky is falling on my head
It won’t stop until I’m dead
Teeth are gritted and locked in stress
On a Bible, I must confess


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