Worldwide Lyrics By LZ7

Artist/Band Name: LZ7

Album Name: Ruckus


Lyrics To Worldwide

It’s world wide what’s that getting up in your head we gonna’ keep it heavy get ya lyrically fed your gonna’ run brother to the spiritual truth and then discover and uncover what he feels about you. It’s time to break out of the pressure, cycle of oppression that ya facing so its time to make disciples of all nations and, confidentiality ain’t the key, it’s time to open and be broken get others to believe.

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It’s going down, not leaving the world tonight x2
It’s going worldwide, not leaving the world tonight
Sitting on top of the world

It’s like slam, spreading out like a wild fire, got this torch yeah I’m lifting it higher, with all my faith I pray somehow, someway I believe one day its gonna’ be ok. Standing up back to back, shoulder to shoulder, yeah this is family for ya, coz when you cry I cry we cry together no matter where you are I’ll be praying praying for ya

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No one can take it away, I’m gonna say what I got to say,
Speak to this generation, sitting on top of the world


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