World in Your Hands (M.S. dance mix) Lyrics By Culture Beat

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Lyrics To World in Your Hands (M.S. dance mix)


you can walk like water
shine like a diamond
ring the bells of fortune
if you dare
you can make any move you
wanna make
take everything that you can
if you dare
just think the world is in your
hands (4-mal)

stress on my mind think i’ll end it
people tell me to stand tall
but i don’t wanna live got nothing
to give
they don’t understand from where
i come
my past not a pretty one
scars never stars now i’m ready to
and let this life be done
some tell me to hold on tell me to
be strong
but the battle’s too long
no fight left in me but they don’t
comprehend it
that my will is all gone
nothing to grasp
hope is a past and my faith is in the
so save the love that you think i
i’ going out with a blast

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repeat chorus

troubles got me down never got a
just pain and heartache
not looking for a reason to go on
no more
i’ve had all i can take
tired of the same old thing same
old scene
death must now be king
i give up i don’t want to live up to
the wicked hopes of society
some say excel but i still
fail so well
just call me a pro
reasons for failing truth
be known
i really don’t care to know
it’s time to move on time to be
gone farewell to my king
just want to end this losing trend
with a bullet and a shot of gin

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repeat chorus

just think the world is in your
hands (four times)

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