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Artist/Band Name: Pile

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Lyrics To Work

Slow burning smoke in my eyes
I’m a fool cuz i might think the proof is air tight
enough to break a bone
on a bad overbite and a kid’s world overthrown

Mug with no story to tell
just a half lit idea that hasn’t worked that well
when he takes the time off
little adrenaline and the brain gets so soft

Benzo make you calm down
easier to work on habits of hand
and habits of head
make what you can and then break what you want
you’re a castle of sand that won’t ever die
that’s what you get for to pull that kind of stunt
write it 500 times on the wall
well there one goes down in the ham
I think i can cancel it out
I can sigh and float like I’m done
do my worst while I’m not even there

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Once in a while I’ll take my time on
take a day off
be all gone
be on the off

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