Won’t Stop Lyrics By J.K

Artist/Band Name: J.K

Album Name: Where I Belong


Lyrics To Won’t Stop



I wont stop, I’m carrying the cross.
It’s ‘stone age’ by the rocks on my watch.
If ‘money talks’ dont expect me to shhhh!
I’m the key if they keep it on lock.
Ummm and you know I’m about to blow up
Full of myself I’m about to throw up
This is for A&Rs that never call back.
This is for haters that want me to fall back.
Well I know you had fun.
Now a blind man can see what I’m about to become.
And I tell’em ‘get to my level’
But NASA couldn’t get to my level.

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I see the storm, the day is never sunny.
They better count me in cause I’m looking like money.
Mama don’t worry I see a little hope.
It’s J to the K but they know it’s not a joke.
They tell me that I’m dope like I am coming out of CVS.
Lost in my thoughts so I probably need a GPS.
Million fans is the reason that I stand
So I am about to freeze the moment like I am holding up a cammmm.
Headed to the top no visa. So hasta la vista.
I call it premeditated, Just call it determination
And yeah they underrate me but I’ll make it. And I WONT STOP!

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