Woke Up Like This Lyrics By King Los

Artist/Band Name: King Los

Album Name: Zero Gravity II


Lyrics To Woke Up Like This

Woke up to my trap house jumping like McDonald’s
Rolling Kush And Popping Bottles, I woke up Like that
I woke up In a foreign on some forgiatos
Yea my girl look like a model, she woke up like that
Woke up like that, woke up like that
Woke up like that, They mad ‘Cause I woke up like that
I’m rich as fuck, my kitchen looks like Benihana’s
Homie I’m just being honest, I woke up like that
Woke up like that, woke up like that
Woke up like that, they mad cause I woke up like that
Woke up like that, woke up like that
Woke up like that, you mad cause I woke up like that

[Verse 1:]
Woke up in a mansion damn I miss my hood
Woke up in some pussy damn near missed [?]
Fell asleep trapping, woke up to the bread
Shoutout to my nigga marty woke up in the feds
Rolling in that Rolls Royce blowing dope up out the back
Bitch I do this for my true niggas That woke up in that trap
Ducking popo, packing fofo, riding low pros on that ‘lac
In that momo, chopping coco, pushing boat loads across the map
I remember waking up feeling ashed out
Now I got her ass up in that Aston
Acting a ass, mashing the gas on the cash route
And you no I make it rain, ‘Cause the last drought
That came through here, had a nigga lane to lane, moving thangs through here
If it ain’t too clear gotta’ take it while it’s good
If you don’t You could fuck around and wake up in my hood
I’m a real nigga, bitch I wouldn’t fake it if I could, King

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[Verse 2:]
I wake up in your bitch, ain’t nothing personal
She wake up in my maybach with the curtains closed
She fell asleep stripping, woke up to some red
I bought that bitch some heels and woke up to some head
Now my baby girl so bad, she cannot ride no Maserati
She need matte black Bentleys, all the brand new Birkins and Zenadies
When she fiend she call for papi
Put that dope dick on her body
And my nigga so Jon Gotti
Chop bricks like they know Karate
Now wave to mutherfucking bread ha
Say hi to the bread, took a red eye
Eyes red like the rari with the dead eyes
That’s a grill motherfucker drop the top
That’s a I’ll, motherfucker I should chill
Ha, nigga are you real motherfucker? whatever
‘Cause motherfuckers never loved us, Remember?

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