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Lyrics To Wii Shop Channel With Lyrics

you will buy these things!
you will buy these things!
you will buy these things!

welcome to the wii shop channel,
we have software & games to sell

so we wrote this hypnotic tune,
which turns your brain into a prune

oh ja, pruny brains
the kind of brains zat buy stuff
even games that no one ever played
(ja, we’ve got lots of zat)

we’ve got classics like chew man fu,
who could forget neutopia ii?
double dungeons & dragon’s curse
they sound fun right? now grab your purse!

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we want your cash, *mit* no frivolous distractions
minimal design!
simple, pure & light!
here’s the bottom line: basically it’s white
catchy music, it makes you buy,
& it’s so fun to watch you try
it may take you a thousand clicks,
party like it’s 2006

buy the game, it’s better than a cartridge
who would want to blow a faulty cart?
(gay & lady carts!)

you need wii points to buy our stuff
it looks like you don’t have enough
you must input your credit card,
& we purposely made it hard

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look at your face
you just clicked for twenty minutes
then we switched the side where you click for yes
do it all again!
trollin for the win!

ja! *mein* little wii
we’re gonna make a strange, clunky little store program, & we’ll use the money to buy beer & spam!

buy some stuff, & then please buy some more stuff
thats my song about the wii shop,
not to be confused with eshop
please shop at the wii shop till you die,
or if you’re not old enough,
ask your parents for help

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