Wicket Lyrics By Esham

Artist/Band Name: Esham

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Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

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Lyrics To Wicket

(Intro-Jules’ cold blooded bible passage)

Shit I spit at everybody (Wicket! Wicket! Wicket!)
I bloody bodies, shoot up parties (Wicket! Wicket! Wicket!)
The world is burnin; hell on earth (Wicket! Wicket! Wicket!)
It started since my date of birth (Wicket! Wicket! Wicket!)
Though God bless, no rest for the (Wicket! Wicket! Wicket!)
I hear somethin come this way (Wicket! Wicket! Wicket!)
On 9-11 doomsday (Wicket! Wicket! Wicket!)
I look up at the moon and say (Wicket! Wicket! Wicket!)

(Verse 1)
Wicked shit, I spit it, come get it, who did it?
Though I walk through the valley of death, I fear no clan
Wicked plan, brainwash, radio program
Pulled out my pistol and I shot the reefer man and ran
Chopped his body up in pieces and put him in garbage cans
Then I went to church the next Sunday and prayed for him
I said “Jeepers creepers, I be my brother’s keeper”
So I blew his head off with a, a street sweeper
Wicked shit startin off the blunt I was sparkin
I had to shoot my next door neighbor dog, he kept barkin
Kept me up all night when I was tryin write
This very suicidal, wicked shit I had to recite
Wicked walkin, wicked talkin, while the chickens keep squawkin
Let my paper keep stackin, 12 dozen eggs is crackin
This is ya brain on drugs if slippin on double doves
It’s wicked to kick it in the world so we bubble drugs

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(Verse 2)
Wicked shit is dead-i-ly when murders my melody
I’m paranoid for roaches; when I flow it’s a felony
FBI surveillance and the police keep trailin me
Cause I’m G-O-D-L-I-K-E, that’s what they keep tellin me
I’m the one you see at night, I’m a psycho, wanna murder bite
Headed right ya way, bitch, you gotta die tonight
Horrified, fuckin terrified, you’ll never breathe again
Vultures circle in the sky awaitin ya end
Like a fortune tellin witch, “follow me I know the way”
Use ya head as a crystal ball, “I see ya dyin day”
See I have insomnia and I’ll never sleep again
I black out then you black out when you thought I was ya friend
Just when you thought ya life was comin together for the betta
The wicked shit strikes again, forever it’ll scare ya
I hear some screams at nightfall, I see the fear in ya eyes
I snap out of it but it starts again at sunrise

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