Who Are U Lyrics By Fredo Santana

Artist/Band Name: Fredo Santana

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Lyrics To Who Are U

I be wondering man
Who the fuck are you?
Who are you? I don’t know

I got powder, bricks and yayo, who are you?
Lotta shootas on the payroll, who are you?
Bitch I’m running through a check, who are you?
Hood nigga with respect, who are you?
Who are you? Who are you?
Keep some shooters on deck, who are you?
Grab the nine or a tech, who are you?
Who are you? Who are you?

Shoot that nigga man, stomp that nigga
He ain’t from the streets, man fuck that nigga
Wanna go to war? What, you upset nigga?
Guess how many run when I up my pistol
Gettin’ head when I’m counting them Benjs
I swear the Lord can be my witness (I swear to God man)
Hundred thousand off the chicken
My niggas eating, no Thanksgiving
Shoot that nigga, expose that nigga
Shit get real, fold ass nigga
I don’t fuck with no old ass niggas
All I fuck with them young ass niggas
Dumb asss nigga, cock gun back nigga
Got my team like a runback nigga
Pop a couple [?] and I roll a lot of swishas
Forget evrrythang, I think I shoot four niggas
Don’t go anywhere if I ain’t got my fucking pistol

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I’m Fredo from First Street, who the fuck is you? (Big Boss)
Got a hunna fuckin guns, I ain’t even gotta shoot
And I’m high off [?] right now in the booth
Might pull off with ya boo when I pull up in that coupe
Bitch I’m running out of brick, tell ’em call Jesús
You can catch me roll one and then trynna dodge the State troops
Won “Trapper of the Year”, man that ain’t nothing new
Man you know how I do, might pull up get to shootin
Flex on them, hurtin they feelings
Fuck ya bitch then I keep it pimpin (fuck that thot)
My favorite spot is the kitchen
I swear I won an award for whippin

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