White Trash Lyrics By Hank Williams III

Artist/Band Name: Hank Williams III

Album Name:


Lyrics To White Trash

Well I was raised in a holler
And I grew up eatin mud
in my baby bottle
it was full of beer and blood

well i got relatives here…
well they just dont look quite right
couple of em only got one eye
that i heard they lost in a fight
you know why>?
you got any idear boy?
you know why?
cuz white trash
cuz white trash
white trash(repeat)
My daddy, he started beatin me
around the tender age of 5
he said you gotta be tough!!
if your ever gona make it out in this world alive
he use to beat my momma
and spit in my face.
and laugh at the world
cuz we such a fuckn disgrace
you know why?
do you know why?
cuz white trash(repeat)

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