Where I Belong Lyrics By Crystal Yates

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Artist/Band Name: Crystal Yates

Album Name: Love Wins


Lyrics To Where I Belong

(verse 1)
All alone with You, I find I’m at peace my mind’s completely eased…
in the stillness of the moment, nothing to prove….
there’s no place like home, no place like You…

You are where I belong… home in Your arms…
secure and totally Yours…
You are where I belong… home in Your arms…
Free like I’ve never been before…
free like I’ve never been before…

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(verse 2)
In the whirl of this life I stop to breathe
Thankful that You’re with me
In the hurry of the moment no time to lose
There’s no place like home no place like You

anywhere I go, and everywhere I am…
I feel You near, I feel You close…
You make life all good… You make life all right
I just have to be with You

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