When You’re Lost Lyrics By Precious

Artist/Band Name: Precious

Album Name:

Genre: Pop

Lyrics To When You’re Lost

Verse 1
Here I am again
On my knees
Hoping to mend
The tatters of my life
Hoping he’ll give me another try
The worl may have tossed me aside
But my God, he’s alive
When you’re lost
You can be found
When you need relief
Jesus is you’re peace
Don’t cast your eyes down
Always know
It’s never too late
Cause when you’re lost
You can be found
Verse 2
I’ve been around
I’ve seen too much
Following the clowns
Lost sight of his touch
Only in his light
Am I able to win the fight
I thank God for his mercy
Living in his grace
Lord forgive me
I’ve lost my place
Repeat chorus
Now I see what matters most
No more living like a ghost
I have to find what I knew before
Cause honestly, there’s nothing more
Repeat chorus

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