When I’m Clownin’ (Kuma’s Clownin’ Remix) Lyrics By Insane Clown Posse feat. Kreayshawn

Artist/Band Name: Insane Clown Posse feat. Kreayshawn

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Lyrics To When I’m Clownin’ (Kuma’s Clownin’ Remix)

(When I’m Clownin)
I get silly,
Like something lace my philly,
Been known to pop a pilly,
And cop a check wit billy.
(When I’m Clownin)
My heart beat poundin,
i sweat so much im drownin,
because my shows astoundin,
and faygo grape im downin.
(When I’m Clownin)
aabrakadabra alakazam what have ya,
quick slight of hand i stab ya
demons crawl out and grab ya
(When I’m Clownin)
theres plenty laughing,
blood on the walls what happened?
a massive murder stabbin
cuz wicked shit im blabbin
(When I’m Clownin)
shit come alive
and dont no one survive
off the light rig i dive
and this shit aint no jive
(When I’m Clownin)
I’m Psycoilly,
snatch out your icy grilly,
i owes the mob a milly
bout to knock off a chillys
(When I’m Clownin)
mad hoes im springin
they want my dingalingin
(ooh let’s fuck) they singin
i keep my hatchet swingin
(When I’m Clownin)
i i im super sick
bones o bobber shoot you quick
why you cuz youz a dick
(VJ – is he dead) poke him use a stick
(When I’m Clownin)
im heavy high powered
mad energy devoured
the whole milky way sour
let my acid rain shower
(When I’m Clownin)
everythings a joke
that angels wings are broke
so hot to speak a spoke
i freak this till i croak
(clown noises)
wicked clowns

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