What She Don’t Know Lyrics By Aaron Watson

Artist/Band Name: Aaron Watson

Album Name:

Genre: Country

Lyrics To What She Don’t Know

Well she said she was not the one for me
And there was nothing that I could do to change her mind
She said she was sorry, but some things aren’t meant to be
She was unaware she was robbing her heart blind
Oh, what she don’t know is I’ll always love her forever
Oh, what she don’t know is I would’ve never done her wrong
Her under-estimation would break her heart for sure,
But she can’t see
What she don’t know won’t hurt her, but it’s killing me
Deep in the shadows of a smokey neon light
I play myself in a lonely game of pool
I chalk it up as he sits down by her side
I take another shot, swallow my pride
And I play a fool
And watchin’ her dance with him
Around that empty hard-wood floor
Is like rubbin’ saw dust in the wound
And I cry a little more

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