What Shall We Say, pt. 2 (7​:​1​-​25) Lyrics By Psallos

Artist/Band Name: Psallos

Album Name: Romans


Lyrics To What Shall We Say, pt. 2 (7​:​1​-​25)

“If we are now slaves of God, slaves of Jesus Christ
Then why, why Paul implies, do we still sin?
Why do we still struggle with flesh?
What shall we say”

I do not do the thing I want
Instead the thing I hate
Tis not the law that leads me thus
But sin that captivates

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Though I’m redeemed
My evil flesh, corrupts my righteous deeds
Tis not the law that leads me thus
But that sin dwells in me

Oh wretched man that I am
Who shall deliver me from this body of death

Thanks be to God
For we who were slaves once to sin have become
Free, free from sin have become
Slaves to God, slaves to Him have become
Free from sin

O thanks to be God
For the one who has rescued my soul
Shall deliver me each day from sin until He calls me home with Him

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O thanks to be God
Through Jesus Christ our Lord

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