Went to the City (Acoustic Version) Lyrics By Crooked Fingers

Artist/Band Name: Crooked Fingers

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Lyrics To Went to the City (Acoustic Version)

Went tot he city for the drugs and dancing
She lights up pretty from so far away come closer
You come and go alone you don’t stand a chance

It wants too much to see you crash and crumble
To let you die out on the road
Come stumbling homeward
We all know you and how you’re not ever coming back

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I keep moving but I’m getting nowhere
The neighborhoods we used to roam have all been stolen
She was my homegirl but I feel no connection to her now

We take a little from the devil’s coffer
They get you hooked then let you go and crossing over
You never know how far unless you take the chance

Wasting my time inside snake oil shelter
It’s much too much to take the whole thing on your shoulders
To carry everyone caught believing in you down

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I keep on going but I’m getting nowhere
Watching the people on the road out on their own cold
You come and go alone you don’t stand a chance

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