Welcome to the Club Lyrics By Joe Walsh

Artist/Band Name: Joe Walsh

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Welcome to the Club

Standin’ in the runway wavin’ at the plane
There goes everything you own
You called home collect and they didn’t know your name
Starin’ at the telephone

You thought he was a doctor now he says he’s not
But the noises seem to tell for sure
And according to the symptoms it isn’t all you got
A shame they haven’t found a cure

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Didn’t know the reason, you start to feel the rub?
You know it isn’t easy well, welcome to the club

Well, you thought they’d take it lightly they’re actin’ kinda rash
Caught you in a loadin’ zone
So they smile very politely relieved you of your cash
Suddenly you’re all alone

You play the double agent, you bug each other’s phone
You got the place surrounded there ain’t nobody home
It’s gettin’ hard to please ’em you start to feel the rub
You know it isn’t easy well, welcome to the club
Come on and join us in the club

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