Welcome Fatality Lyrics By Psychotic Eyes

Artist/Band Name: Psychotic Eyes

Album Name: I Only Smile Behind the Mask


Lyrics To Welcome Fatality

All your hopes are fear, and belong to me
I could pull the trigger, and give you death

In a hopeless time i’m paralized
Reconciliation came to be denied
I’d bet with fate, and lost my life
Redemption, truely compromised

Frightened and afraid, i have died with that man
Each dream my mother had were destroyed in the moment her child tried to slay
All turned to sand. my whole life i thrown away
The fear i feel is product of my disguise, i pretended to be a man

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All my hopes and fears, are turned to sand
I could pull the trigger, and give me rest

In this helpless cage
I now realize how i’ve been stupid, how i’ve been blind
What means my courage? i lost my life
The second he died this cage became my wife

Paralisado numa onda de medo, em que a culpa impulsiona o tempo, percebo a fraqueza da vontade, e a imensa dor cujo nome é memória

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Expiados meus pecados, nessa ferida lacerada pela culpa infinita percebo com clareza que a maldade é o anverso da esperança

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