Weight Of The World Lyrics By Misery Signals

Artist/Band Name: Misery Signals

Album Name: Controller

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Weight Of The World

Once again I end up biting the bullet
Don’t act surprised, by now it’s second nature
It happens over and over again
I only bend so far before I break
And in return, nothing leaves me satisfied
But it’s only a matter of time

Won’t be long, I smell the fuse burn shorter
And I’m not about to snuff it out
I’ll take this head on till the end
Hear my voice, no cries for deliverance
I’ve become the victim of my own defense
And there’s no one to blame but myself

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As the structure fails
I’ll pray for the fall out
For I am what I create
As the embers rise
I’ll be at the bottom
When it all comes down
I’ll carry the weight of the world

Strapped to my back
I’ll carry the weight of the world
Chained to my neck
I’ll carry the weight of the world

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