We won’t pay Lyrics By V.L.A.

Artist/Band Name: V.L.A.

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Dance

Lyrics To We won’t pay

We won’t pay
In the end you feel so lonely, in the end you feel so cold. In the end you know the strangers, in the end there’s no one there.
We are here to make your difference, we’re the boys who rock your town. We are here to keep on standing, we must fight and so must you!

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You have changed the locks, trown the keys away.
You Have changed our lives, in so many ways.

We are young, we play for fun, we will not stay, so go away!

We won’t pay not a cent, we’re gonna be here till the end. We won’t pay not a dime, untill the end of time!

You know that we want to finish, you know what we want is cold. You pretend you did not see us, we pretend we gave you all.
As your guests we like to stay here, stay here till the end of time. We don’t like to see some changes, we don’t like to fall in line.

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