We Will Silence Lyrics By Arbiter

Artist/Band Name: Arbiter

Album Name: Machinations


Lyrics To We Will Silence

[The Extropians waged gruesome war with the Ironclad Army, firing ice from their Shard Rifles into the forested coastlines of Eos Lux and the bodies of its inhabitants. The Ironclad Warriors, reinforced by their Dreadnauts division, fought back with unending pride and a
collective voice of power. In response, rallying voices from the Extropian war-boats in Shineloch Bay reassured both armies that “…the Ironclad will be silenced!”]

“The time is now!
Their flame could burn forever,
(But only without water!)
Our MechaGod will douse the fire!
– Voices from Extropian War-boats

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“Their flame burns bright…
…We’ll dim the Light!”
– Nox, Extropian General

“We will hush the voice of exaltation!
We will silence through all our machinations!
They spend life dying…
…We earn days to live.
They will be extinct…
…We will be evolving into higher beings.
No more co-operation!
We will hush the voice of reclamation!”
– Shouts from Extropian Soldiers

“Shut your mouth,
And bite your tongue!
Swallow your words! (Swallow your blood!)
We will exterminate you all!”
– Xeth, Extropian Deathbringer

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“We will live on! We were the chosen ones!
The time is now! And when the world is quiet,
We will press on, and we will conquer again!
And all their colonies, they will be silenced!”
– Xa, Extropian Council Overseer

We will move on and conquer again!
…Conquer again!

Conquer Again:

The time is now, to make the world quiet,
And with the MechaGod… we will silence!

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