We’ll Fall Apart Lyrics By Fear of Domination

Artist/Band Name: Fear of Domination

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To We’ll Fall Apart

Our life is… What should it be then?
A way to go down and way to up… Again
Another way for my escape
Another day to lose my domain
We keep playing our funny games…

Our life is… Do you know it better than me?
I’m not sure if I even want to know
So the life is… This puzzle is missing one piece
Another way for me to embrace
Another one to hold my mask in place
Where should I start…

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I see…
When our innocence was lost
I see…
And emotions turned to violence
I see…
Do you have my missing piece
I see…
Could you build me… Complete

I was thinking life as a game
Deal the cards
Play it to the end
So you get all the money
And all the fame
Some things are more than eye can see
Some things are not meant to be seen

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When our innocence was lost
Emotions turned to violence
So many of us are waste of flesh and skin
Open your eyes!
Another way to say
Another way to feel
Another way see
What is under the filth…

Billy K. Hicks

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