Water Carves the Mountain Lyrics By Noe Venable

Artist/Band Name: Noe Venable

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Lyrics To Water Carves the Mountain

Far across the skies of gold
Clouds will slide
Clouds do scroll
All of these things come and go
While water carves the mountain
Water carves the mountain

Water, water, mystery
Drawing mazes in the rock
Arcing through the trees
On and on I followed your streams
How yielding you seem
Yet shape this dream
Of centuries

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Oh, it’s gonna take a long, long time
It may feel like the world is slowly dying
But in the mountains of my mind
I can feel
There’s a new world softly winding

Softly you sing
With the will of the wildest ocean, rushing
Gushing in your rain fed streams
Clean and wild I mean
One sweet drink in the mouth of another lover
Lying on your banks of green
And when it may seem
All our striving may come to nothing
Struggling up against their fears set free
Remind me
I’m always on the run and I hate copy paste for god’s sake
“Just as water carves the mountain
We will move this stone.
Just as stone gives way to water
It will move, it will move.”

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