Wait and See (Album Version) Lyrics By Iration

Artist/Band Name: Iration

Album Name: Time Bomb

Genre: Ska

Lyrics To Wait and See (Album Version)

I know we’ve always been a long
Shot, I’m down to roll those dice,
I’ll travel down that long hard
Road girl,
Just to make you know
That I tried
We might not make it
In the end but,
We’ll sure enjoy
That ride
At least we’ll have
This song to remember,
The way we
Felt that night
I’m all in til
You make it with me
I’ll read it
Written on that old marquee
A chance just wait and you’ll
Oooh Wait and See

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I know
We’ve always been a long shot
Down to run all night
Through the rain and cold
Just to make you feel
We might not make it in
The end but
We’ll sure enjoy
That ride
At least you’ll have
This song to remember
To remember
Me by

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