Vultures (Let Us Prey Mix) Lyrics By Mindless Faith

Artist/Band Name: Mindless Faith

Album Name: Just Defy


Lyrics To Vultures (Let Us Prey Mix)

There’s no right, there is no wrong
Just different ways to come undone
Along the way to deviation
Anticipating oblivion
Hold me back, just let me go
You know I can’t take much more
All this time spent grinding teeth
And all this time spent keeping score

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Someone’s going to cast the first stone
It helps them sleep better at night
Heads are buried deep in sand
While overhead the vultures fly
So many die, so many live
Just going through the motions
Don’t pretend everything’s fine
While overhead the vultures fly

Vultures are out tonight
They’ve got their hidden agendas
But we can’t relax (into oblivion)
No we can’t surrender

Entrenched in commerce
And Hollywood flare
Brought down by vultures
‘Cause no one cares

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