Vow of Vengence Lyrics By Nazxul

Artist/Band Name: Nazxul

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Lyrics To Vow of Vengence

Deep in the valley a vista of sorrow Stifling Choke Odour of Carrion Oil thick Smoke
Bodies twisted mounted upon broken spears Solitary figure stands amidst these battle
dead In absence of sound solitary tear falls Immense funeral pyre flames fill the air
Thousands roast staring their prayers left unsaid Silhouettes of birds of prey
cycle above their heads
Blood mass is spilt Thunder / Lightning
Bursts of life and ear drum Gathering of Night Wing
Blades slashing flesh Self sacrificing runs like a river forms a rune of enlightening
Scratched in the sand Dances through air
Vrill power consuming
Pledge Allegience Sour Vow of Vengeance Ascends a PHOENIX Ascending
Triumphant to his enemies end
Their blood fills their grail cleanses the land Angel of Darkness Death dealing hands

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