Vicino a te s’acqueta (From “Andrea Chénier”) [Live] [with Ana Maria Martinez] Lyrics By ANDREA BOCELLI

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Lyrics To Vicino a te s’acqueta (From “Andrea Chénier”) [Live] [with Ana Maria Martinez]

your heart still broken
you can not go in
and all your stuff stolen
you don’t know where to go
you don’t know what happened too
even the stars can’t light
and the sun can’t be bright
i just walking here so lonely
and there is nothing left for me
just sad memories i lost victories
and nothing i needs
ohhhh oh ohhhh oh ohhhh oh ohhhh
i start take enough
start singing loud I don’t know what feelings
so now take a step
cost me alot Of tears
so why this made me bleeding
i cut all hand by hand my lip my sweet smiles
they all go through darkness
just come back to me all thing i lost a day
i changed to the best and now all is fine
the stars lighting there
the sun so bright here
and all happiness comes again
oh Ohhhhh Oh oh oh oh Oh Ohhhhhhhhh

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