Vengeance Lyrics By Rectified Spirit

Artist/Band Name: Rectified Spirit

Album Name: Rectified Spirit


Lyrics To Vengeance

These cuts run deeper than the wounds that repeat like history
They immigrate into the land of treacherous memory
This primordial pain never ran into oblivion
Those soft murmurs of poetic justice are an old legend
Whisper of an insomniac voice becomes subliminal
It draws wide ripples in the placid lake with a heavy stone

In the dead of the night, all that I hear
Is the voice scratching in and the walls closing in
Do I bear this pain? Let the wound remain?
What if there’s no God? Will the wounds ever heal?

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Aaaaaaa….vengeance is deep or religion?
Aaaaaaa….vengeance is deep as religion
Aaaaaaa….vengeance is deeper or religion?
Aaaaaaa….justice is just a legend

The eyes that departed left a look that won’t leave
They tie me in endless hours without sleep
Their pain and sorrow…they strangle my soul
What do they seek and what is my call?

Why is there no sign for me to know my calling?
How do I avenge the eyes I could never read?
Why is this torment unleashed to the bounds of insanity?
The eyes are desolate to the end of infinity

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