Useless Lyrics By Autovein

Artist/Band Name: Autovein

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Useless

I’ve never seen you from this place,
and it hurts a little.
I Feel like you vanished with no trace,
and it burns a little.
Your on in my mind in overdrive;
I was lied to.
You ruined my chances to survive,
think you tried to.

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And I’m useless;
and you breed excuses.
You’re abusive,
and you’re leaving bruises.

Hearing a voice inside my head,
and it screams a little;
but listening to my heart instead,
’cause it dreams a little.
I’ve never lost myself afraid,
though I’ve tried to.
Not burn if my memories never fade,
think they’re designed to.

[Chorus x3]

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