Untogether Lyrics By Belly

Artist/Band Name: Belly

Album Name: Star

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Untogether

Sour me, ouch

I was friendly with this girl
Who insisted on touching my face
She told outrageous stories, I believed them
‘Til the endings were changing from endings before
She’s not touching me anymore

I couldn’t help her, I got hard
You can try your life
You can’t save the un-savourably untogether

I was shipwrecked with this frog
Who was endlessly testing my faith
He made outrageous demands, I ignored him
‘Til I strapped on my boat feet and surfed into shore
He’s not touching me anymore

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I couldn’t help him, I got hard
You can try your life
You can’t change the unchange-ably untogether

Now the bird nest on my back
Keeps me turning and straining to see
We threw outrageous parties, we were golden
Now the bird keeps it’s distance and I keep my speech
Sometimes there’s no poison like a dream

I couldn’t help it, it got hard
You can dry your eyes
You can’t hold the impossibly untogether

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