Unshaken Lyrics By Jimmie’s Chicken Shack

Artist/Band Name: Jimmie’s Chicken Shack

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Unshaken

Remember a time, much like today
So many things are different
Still I feel the same
Everyday a little closer

That’s what they say
It takes time to make time
So don’t throw yours away
I’m with you

You say you feel broken
As your breaking down
Keep all the anger inside
Where it’s safe and sound

Everyday a little closer
Is this how it feels
After all of this time
Still it’s time that heals
I’m with you, I’m with you

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And it’s all I ever wanted to do
Still with all that we have known
Think we’d find a way
To be unshaken

And with all we have lost
Wish we could find a place
Where everyone could
Live inside your dream, call it paradise

Say, it’s circumstance
As long as we’re alive
I’m with you if you lose your way
Won’t have to look far

When you’re ghost returns
I’ll be here to stare it in the face
I don’t back down, I hear everybody wins
When it comes back around

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All at once it hits you
Still you keep the pace
I travel so much further
When I stand in place
Because, I’m with you

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