Undertale the Musical (Papyrus’ Song) Lyrics By Brentalfloss

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Lyrics To Undertale the Musical (Papyrus’ Song)

Sans: Here comes Papyrus.
Get under that conveniently shaped lamp!
Oh hey bro?
What’s up?
Papyrus: You know what’s, “S’UP,” brother.
Another day of puzzles and human hunting
Lying in wait and wanting
Simply one chance!
Another day of looking cool in my cape
And generally being great
And wearing no pants!
I look for humans all day long
Then I take
A little spaghetti break
And back to the grind!
I keep maintaining all of my brilliant puzzles
Hold your skull tight
Because they’ll blow your dang mind!
And yet in spite of all of my dedication
you’re as lazy and dim as a cow!
Get off your bones!
Your puzzles need calibration
What if a human were lurking near us now?
Sans: Sorry, I was just staring at this lamp.
Papyrus: Uh huh.
Sans: It’s really cool.
Papyrus: Uh huh…
Sans: Do you want to look?
Papyrus: No, you skeletal scallywag!
I don’t have time for that!
What if a human comes through here?
We must be watchful
On our toes
If humans should happen by
We won’t let them go!
My puzzles rule!
also this Junior Jumble
How do I stay so humble?
I do not know!
And look at this one!
Blades will slice!
Spikes will swing!
This puzzle has everything!
It gives me such glee.
Sooner or later
Humans will come again!
And someone will capture them
And it will be me!
And on that day
You all will say,
Hail Papyrus!
I’ll finally get all the things I deserve!
First off
Then reverance and recoginition
It will be me
All the little people serve!
Undyne and Asgore,
They’ll say
“Well done papyrus!”
“You’ve toiled well, toiled long, toiled hard”
I’ll bathe in kisses all day and all night
They’ll promote me to the head of the royal guard!
Sans: Hmm.
Maybe this lamp will help you-
Papyrus: Sans! You sre not helping! You lazybones!
All you do is sit and boondoggle!
Sans: Hey,
take it easy!
I’ve gotten a ton of work done today!
A skele-ton!
Papyrus: Saaans!
Sans: Come on, you’re smiling!
Papyrus: I am and I hate it!
Take your stupid lamp and get back to work!
Sans: You get back to work.
Papyrus: I will!
Back to our day
Tracking evasive humans
They won’t escape
Our two-man skeleton crew!
Another day
Preparing for deadly battle
Honing a tactic that’ll turn their hearts blue!
I will attend to my puzzles.
As for your work.
Put a little more.
Backbone into it!
And one day soon,
my puzzles will catch a human
Then, maybe someone will want to be friends.?
And all my woes come to an end…
-Get ready!-
I’ll be the captain of the royal guard
They’ll hold me in such high regard
The praise will be prodigious
And i’ll be so prestigious
So popular and powerul
The path I walk so flowerful
That all the fairest monster drones
Will line the block to jump my bones
And someone.
Will want.
To be… My friend!
I’ll catch a human
Join the guard
And finally have a friend!
by brentalfloss

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