Under The Eternal Blackended Sky Lyrics By Aeternus

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Artist/Band Name: Aeternus

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Lyrics To Under The Eternal Blackended Sky

I call upon thee
I am standing alone
My mighty wind
Unfold your dark wings
The glory of war
I am still seeking strong
My strength is hate

Darkness – quell the sun
Let my enemies not see me
Pledge me the warhawk
Let the moons bewitch it

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Black fire dance with me
Burn in me – strengthen me
Unite with my darkness
Open the gates
To eternity

Purified souls
Sworn to slay the weak
The voice of the eternal
Hate and anger from within
As warriors and predators
We were conjured by the
Essence of war
Hunting with the wolves
In the embrace of the night

See the destruction
Of the sun
An overwhelming sight
Brutal – dark – delight

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I long to see
The eternity

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