Under Southern Skies Lyrics By Nikki Webster

Artist/Band Name: Nikki Webster

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Pop

Lyrics To Under Southern Skies

Nikki Webster
Under Southern Skies
Nikki Webster—Under Southern Skies

There is a peace in our hearts
And a hope in our hands
With a family of children, we come from many different lands
Oh tell me just beginning
Oh raise your two arms
But if you would take us with you
Then we have already won

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Under the southern skies
Together in this land
Every boy’s in celebration
A family hand in hand under the southern skies
As one replys
And turn our eyes to see
All the wonders of the future in a world of harmony

There’s a great spirit rising
From the desert to the sea
As it sweeps across the southern land
It comes to you and me
With a dream without the dreaming
With the faith of angel to come
Every child can be a hero
work as one

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