What Are The Tops Five Tyga Songs?

Tops Five Tyga Songs

If you are looking for the best songs in the category of rap music and pop up songs, Tyga will be one of the best choices for Rap music and pop up songs after 2016. If you are looking for Best Songs of Tyga, go ahead with this article to find the Tyga Best Song.

What Are The Tyga’s Top Five Best Songs?

Tyga has sung many songs in the category of rap songs and pop songs, we all know that Tyga is a rapper and he releases rap music. So, we will discuss the Top Five Best Tyga Songs that you can watch and play on YouTube.


For producing and releasing this song, Tyga had collaborated with Lil Wayne, they wrote and sung this song. The song was found to be one of the best songs of Tyga.

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This song was a deciding song about the rapper Tyga’s career. It was one of the biggest hot and popular songs that Tyga ever created.

Dnyc3 produced the song. Here is the YouTube link to directly watch the video song and enjoy the music video.

I’m So Raw:

It’s not the case. The artist doesn’t take a challenge from anyone, and he never tries to compete with different artists. They do it sometimes for fun and entertainment.

This song was made to hijack Kanye West’s I’m such an Appalled song, but he successfully enjoyed the bit, and he could justice that challenge.


In this song, Tyga tried to feature Rick Ross. He was challenged to record the rap rendition in a traditional way that becomes the most difficult task for any artist.

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Tyga Successfully did that and showed why do people love him, and why do people enjoy his songs. It was one of the deciding songs fir Tyga’s career.

Tyga also, following and upgrading by observing Snoop Dogg. So, if you are looking for Best Tyga Songs, you must go through the link to watch the video.


In this song, Tyga was featuring Young Thug. It was again a deciding song for Tyga’s career. It’s one of the most hit songs from Tyga.

The song shows the thug life that includes lots of smoking and drinking, according to Tyga and thugger, it’s one of the most successful songs from Tyga rap music career.

Here is a YouTube link for the video, you can enjoy this song by putting on your headphones, and it will double the joy of the song.

Switch Lanes:

Switch Lanes song was written, created, and sung by Tyga. It’s one of the best songs of Tyga according to public review and all public excitements.

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Tyga showed handling hooks duties in this song. It’s one of the best songs of Tyga as per Tyga revealed his collections that how many songs he likes.

Put on your headphones and get ready to enjoy the song Switch Lanes, here is the link to YouTube.

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