Top Wedding Songs Ever

Top Wedding Songs

Love you till infinity

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri is a soft and soothing melody. The song is from the album Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. It is considered as the top wedding song of all time. The song features the lovely couple Edward and Bella’s love relations. The song has an ardent line of devotees and has more than a billion views. The song is a super hit number and has found coveted positions on the US Billboard Hot 100, Canada Hot 100, Uk Singles charts. It’s the most loved wedding song ever, as the lyrics are expressive and touches the listeners ‘heart every time he plays it. 

Love Lost

Make You Feel My Love is a painful love song written by Bob Dylan. Since then artists like Adele decided to bring it back to the present generation by rendering her soothing yet forceful voice. The song has good followers who relate the song to their past love failures. The song was recorded for her album 19 that has soulful lyrics with a soothing tune on the background.  Make you feel my love has made to the European Hot 100 Single, and UK Singles. 

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Love Song

Perfect by Ed Sheeran is an appealing love song about two individuals who fall in love ultimately. The song is infectious and charming and was written keeping in mind Ed Sheeran’s wife Cherry Seaborn. The song was videoed in Austria amidst the snow-covered mountains that give a very wintery vibe. The song has shattered all the international charts worldwide, including the UK Singles Chart and the US Billboard Hot 100. 

Find Love Again

This song ‘Thinking Out Loud’ was composed by Ed Sheeran in the year 2014 and has its place in the blue-eyed soul genre. It was at the second place in both the US Billboard Hot100 and the Canadian Hot100 in 2017. This song had its place first in the UK Top 40 for the year 2015. It was also awarded the Best Pop Solo Performance and Song of the Year under the 58th Grammy Awards ceremony. Ed Sheeran is a singer and composer since the year 2011. He has various albums that top on the UK Albums Chart, which majorly comes under the pop, flok-pop and hip hop genres. 

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Just be Yourself

The song ‘You Gotta Be’ was written by Des’ree and released in 1994 under the R&B genre. This song was included in her second album ‘I Ain’t Movin’. This song was tracked among the top ten hit songs in the US and Australia. The song received Gold Certificates in New Zealand and the UK. It was used as a soundtrack for advertisements on the television. Des’ree is a singer and song composer since the early ‘90s under the dance and pop genre. She received the Brit Award in the year 1991 for the best solo female singer. In 2011, she performed this song for the wedding of Paul Jacobs who is a businessman and a recipient of the George Medal.

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