List Of Top Five Happy Birthday Songs For Birthday

Happy Birthday Songs

We all know that there are many ways to wish someone a Happy Birthday, but if it all starts with the birthday song it will double the celebration, right? Yes, it gives something different feeling to the person that has a birthday.

Top Five Best Happy Birthday Songs:

If you are looking for the best happy birthday song for wishing someone a, be with us and go ahead with this article to find out the best song that suits your partner or family members or children. So, let’s dive into the material.

Sixteen Candles:

Sixteen Candles is one of the most popular and one of the hit songs that were ever produced by any bands or singers for giving us the best song.

If you ask people around you from the 50s or 60s, they will suggest you for this song to use in celebrating.

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Everyone is excited about turning 16, but it was a very crazy moment in the 50s and 60s people. However, today’s generation can never be of this type.

Happy Birthday:

This Birthday song is created and sung by altered images and team. It was the newest song by a Scottish band.

The song was initially created and released in 1981, and it is still in people’s hearts who are born between the 70s and 90s. They get crazy listening to this song.

Making someone listen to this song on his/her birthday is something different feeling; it will surprise them and will increase your values and love.


It’s one of the most hit and Successful songs that were ever made for surprising your partner, family members, and friends.

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The song was initially written, created and sung by the Beatles. The song is a part of the white album, and it is a great song.

If you are looking for the Best Happy Birthday Songs, this will be a perfect choice surprise someone to show your love and emotions.

Birthday Song:

This Birthday song was written and created by Don McLean, and people argued that he played band in this song by his heart.

The song comes in the category of sentimental songs, but it’s still passionate about a celebration of your birthday or someone else’s birthday.

The song was used by an American Pie hit-maker to celebrate the birthday. It will be a perfect song for your children, family members, and your partners to show your love on their birthdays.

Birthday Special:

The song was created by Peter Hammil, and you will find the best collections of birthday songs here in this link. People use to go through the songs selecting the best birthday songs for them.

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If you are looking for the best song for wishing a birthday,  we would like you to go through this link and find out what is best for your type.

These songs in this collection will make someone’s day whose birthday is today. So, here is the YouTube link for your reference.

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